Cream used to treat joint pain, arthritis and arthritis

Propolis cream wax Zdorov in Sines

Propolis cream wax Zdorov

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Zdorov propolis cream wax by Sines in Portugal

Zdorov Cream-Wax is used to treat and prevent various joint diseases. The effective effect of the drug allows you to resume physical activity, eliminate pain symptoms and overcome underlying diseases.

The natural ingredients of the cream have anti-inflammatory, strengthening, sterilizing and regenerating effects on the affected joints.

Cream-wax is for external use and can be used in combination with other drugs to treat musculoskeletal diseases.

In arthritis and arthritis diseases, the joints become inflamed and the cartilage tissue of the joints is affected. The cream effectively fights the cause of the disease, mainly by starting treatment on time. Experts recommend joint prevention as early as possible.

The efficacy of facial cream

Zdorov, a cream used to treat joint pain, arthritis and arthritis, is one of the most effective drugs for treating joints.

Cream effect:

  • Eliminate inflammation of joints and cartilage.
  • The joint tissue is strengthened;
  • The skin condition is improved;
  • Anesthesia;
  • Improved blood flow;

Zdorov cream is developed in the form of a wax cream, which has a pleasant consistency and can be used on the skin. The drug has been tested and obtained all relevant certifications.

Experts recommend using Zdorov cream immediately after the following symptoms: clenching during exercise, joint pain or discomfort. The cream is suitable for sedentary elderly people.

How to order cream using Sines in Portugal

It is best to order products on the official website of Sines. Currently, the price of Zdorov cream wax from Sines in Portugal is only39€. We recommend ordering in Sines products only on the official website to avoid buying counterfeit products.